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About Eloisa Igni

Eloisa Igni is a visual artist known for her expressive and life-centered works. Currently studying Multimedia Arts, Eloisa navigates her career as a multimedia artist, a designer, and a painter.

Eloisa's body of works ranges from gouache to acrylic paintings where its fluid characteristic complements her carefree personality.
"There are topics that are too difficult for me to express in words - my vanity, my pleasures, my insecurities.  Expressed through strokes, motivated by emotions... that's therapeutic.

I consider these personal aspects of my works humane and that anyone can relate to this somehow."
Her works with themes of female figurative portraitures are a reflection of her unexpressed or suppressed thoughts and feelings. For Eloisa, art is a way to reconnect with her personal self that helps her understand and empathize more with the concept of life.
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